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The founders, Rodolphe, Richard, and Guillaume Frerejean-Taittinger, reside with their families between Paris and the Champagne area.They are the last in a series of cannon builders that provided the French army during the Napoleonic Wars to defend itself against Prussian attacks.

In 2005, the idea for this tale was to serve champagne to friends and family.As news spread, a fresh narrative emerged. Buy Frerejean Frères

Champagne is approached differently: with the knowledge and experience of a family team that specializes in the beverage, while preserving old practices and remaining open to new ideas.Although this champagne is currently sold in several locations throughout the globe, it has maintained the ideal artisanal manufacture.

“We manufacture champagnes using rigorous skill and traditional knowledge. Resulting from the distinctive terroir of the Côte des Blancs area,

The finest vineyard plots in the region are used to produce our wines. They are distinctive wines that are exclusively made in first and grand cru. They are both complex and graceful.
To work our land, we mix cutting-edge workmanship with age-old techniques.
By utilizing few chemicals, few pesticides on our grapes, and low amounts of sulphites in our champagne, our manufacturing technique respects the soil.Our top priority starts the moment the grapes are harvested—quality. After fermentation, our champagne is expertly mixed by combining 25 vineyards from our various parcels.

Over the course of its maturation, our champagne is physically swirled many times every day.In order to preserve the terroir character, we only add a small amount of sugar during the latter steps.

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